July 26 - July 29, 2018 - La Grande Motte, France

Radio WCS
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You do not know in which level to register?

PAIR LEVEL: You think to mastering the basics patterns of West Coast Swing and you begin to have sensations in your dance. Your goal is to work your technique to improve it and learn more variations.

BRELAN LEVEL: You have a suitable number of variations and can lead your partners correctly. You want to learn a few more but want especially to start to focus on your musicality. You are looking to identify and play on different rhythms and music’s breaks you know, or not. According to the WSDC, you are in J&J Novice Division, then this is your level.

SQUARE LEVEL: You go to every West Coast party and event from here and elsewhere and you are enjoyed as a dancer. You think & know almost everything about this dance, but you need to perfect it. Your objective is to leave with the secrets of the pros to enrich your dance and surprise your partners .. According to the WSDC, you are in J&J Inter Division, then this is your level.

FULL LEVEL: You are appreciated for your ability to dance with all partners regardless of their level and most of the time you are a teacher ... You are looking for the truth and be ready to introspect your dance, competitor and Performance ... Challenges will be met!!! Your goal is to push your limits. According to the WSDC, you are in J&J Advanced Division, then this is your level.

QUINTE ROYAL FLUSH LEVEL: this is NEW this year !!! All-Stars Westies, knowing that you enjoy the evenings to the end but that you always want to learn, we offer you a reduced formula (only 2 hours of lesson per day) giving you the opportunity to perfect your knowledge and further enrich your technique . Only possible derogation to integrate this very high level class, to have obtained your "golden ticket" by the approval of a champion. Attention, this level will be reserved for only 20 couples! So ready to surpass?? According to the WSDC, you are in J&J All-Stars Division, then this is your level.

As each year, level auditions will be COMPULSORY and will take place at the beginning of the workshops... So you can ask to be evaluated for a higher level if you think you can follow it. In all cases, the final decision will be given by the instructors.

We specify that depending on the number of attendees, the groups can be divided in order to guarantee a greater homogeneity of level and allow their distribution in the rooms according to their size.