July 26 - July 29, 2018 - La Grande Motte, France

Radio WCS
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Chuck Brown & Emeline Rochefeuille

Chuck Brown has been dancing for over 15 years and is recognized as a top instructor, judge, competitor, and promoter. He competes at the champion level and has won numerous national competitions and awards, including placing four times at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships.

He is known for his incredible "feel for the music", creativity, versatility, and especially, his wonderful lead. Chuck loves to spread his love of music and dance to everyone he teaches. He is a tough teacher that focuses on technique, music, timing, creativity, and most of all, having fun. His classes are very challenging, innovative, and extremely funny. His methods produce some of the fastest moving and best dancers in the country.

Chuck has tought all over the World including; France, UK, Australia, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Canada, USA, and many more.

His dance training includes West Coast Swing, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Jazz, Lyrical, Blues, African, Carolina Shag, Hustle, Lindy, Native American Dance, and Country.

Chuck is the president and co-founder of Dance Sensation Events, a California company that produces major dance events throughout the United States including:

Dance Sensation Events also provides management consulting services for dance related businesses.

Emeline Rochefeuille
TODAY...Emeline Rochefeuille, originally from Reunion Island, currently
combines her regular job as a research executive in advertising and
several West Coast Swing interventions in France and abroad.
Globetrotter with a singular style, she acts in the West Coast Swing
Community not only as a teacher, but also as a DJ and photographer. She
has competed and placed top 5 in the All Stars division over the past

IT ALL BEGAN...She took her first steps into the world of dance when she
was 12, starting with Ballroom Dancing and Solo Latin (line-dancing),
having regularly attended several competitions and trainings in South
Africa. After her arrival in France at the age of 18, as she sought to
start a new dance form, she bumped into a video of Jordan & Tatiana, and
felt in love with WCS right away! She was hooked ever since, and was
especially drawn to the creativity, musicality, and freedom within the
dance. Being trained by Maxence Martin gave her a solid knowledge that
allowed her to grow in her own dancing and teaching.