26 juillet - 29 juillet 2018 - La Grande Motte, France

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Staffer’s blog #2

Friday 24-jul-2013, 18h00.

Fluorescent Orange armbands in place, set up with our nominative badges and our most beautiful smile, we just got started : welcoming the students !

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Wiz ouuur verrii goude ingliche, some of us managed to vanquish the language barrier and rocked !!! Greetings to our boss Caro !!!

Right after the Black and White party started in the exceptional location of the Casino of La Grande-Motte.
The lightnings were mixed with a slideshow of 2012 pictures, lighting the fire of the dancefloor and the rythms of the music offered to you, students, for your own pleasure

So an other special greeting for the Pasino !

So we start again tomorrow evening with the Circus party !
Magic will be here for more laugthers and smiles !!

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Backstage and gossip

Saturday 25-Jul-2013, 8h30 (it’s very early !!!)-11h

After having slept with the man in charge of DJ relations (who was on top according to very reliable sources), , Guims, a.k.a. Chief of Sausages, took pity on our growling stomachs and, with his legendary generosity, has fixed for us the specialty of the Day : exploded sausages hot dogs a la Guims.

H.S.S. Georges V, who recently found his inner blonde and came out of the closet, did advise us to try them out with the greatest caution (censored version).
Indeed these sausages are quite a dish !

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It’s the end of the morning now : my personal objective is to master the moonwalk at the end of the camp...

staffer’s blog #3

Saturday, 27/07/13, 10:00 p.m.
Flying like a butterfly, fluttering wisp of wind in the air and farandoles fireflies twinkling in the night, Melissa and Magali have plunged us into the enchanting circus world. The magic was in the appointment, to the delight of all !

We have revisited our childhood through all these clown, tigers, clowns and harlequin costumes ... You were all so beautiful ! So thanks to you, students, thanks to you staff, and especially a big thank to Karen who made us enjoy his makeup artist’s talents !

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Obviously, all these shows would not have been so spectacular without the magnificent hall of the Casino !
In short, it was a hell’s night ! And I loved it !

And what about you interns ? ... Did you like the "circus style’s teacher” ?

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Tonight here come colors for the fluo’s party !

Gossip and backstage staff

Sunday, 28/07/13, 12
You certainly have noticed yesterday the sexy costume of this staffer ... a second skin as a pants, suspenders topless on a dripping sweat ...

So the mystery of the day ... Question, I precise, put together by Patty, John and Barry ...
What was he wearing under his pants ... Or rather was there something under his pants ? ...

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chuuuuutttt…It’s a secret…

Staffer’s blog #4

Sunday July 28th, 2013
An other fun night at the Casino : Fluo’s Party !

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As always lots of fun and even more madness !

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The teletubies were with us along with the tunes of the DJs (many thanks to them !), the yellow, the pink and oranges were out and went completely bezerk !!!

Tonight it’s once upon a time in the West and it’s going to be Wild Wild West !!!
Yiiihaaaaaa !

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Gossip and backstage’s staff

Monday July 29th 2013

The scoop of the day !
...Maxence is on to loose weight !
His diet : water, Perrier and most of all Sea, Sun Swing AND SEX !

And his quote represents his secreat weapon...
"Yesterday I made love..."
And Maxence already lost 6kgs !!!!!

Maxence, all the staff is very proud of you !!
Bravo ! (clap clap clap !!!)

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Staffer’s blog #5

Monday July 29th, 2013

WWW (Wild Wild West) party at the SSS (Sea Sun and Swing) !
Cow boys and Native Americans have mingled for fun and pleasure for the moment of a dance.

Feathers have skimmed the cow boy hats for cheeky and fun moments, thansk to our famous DJ’s !

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Tonight, test your sweet tooth with surprises and the Candy party !!

Gossip and backstage staff

The classes as seen by the students in a few words...

with Barry, it’s all within the frame and it’s squared...
with Ben and Jen, it’s fun, tip-tap-top !
with John and Jess it’s all round and wavy...
with Myles and Tessa, it’s elastic, it’s boing !
with Mickael it’s all lined up !
with Chuck it’s fast !!! Ingliche verri goude required !

Staffer’s blog #6

Tuesday July 30th, 2013

A candy party who delighted people with a sweet tooth...
English bonbons, colorfull lollypopd , sucettes colorées, licorice, and soft marshmallow were given away by the M&M’s tiger team. Delightfull ice creams were served by the Instructors.

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JPEG - 130.9 ko
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And we shall not forget about the crispy pop corn !

All these were eat whilst watching Paco’s Eleven directed by Nico.
It was a party full of delights, dancing sweets and pleasure of sharing !!

Let’s meet thursday evening for grafitti party !! A surprise is announced for 23h... Don’t miss it !!

Gossip and Backstage Staff

Drama at mid-week...

  • 60 students AND the instructors lost at the Yacht Club...The Beach party was at the Yacht Beach Club !!! ( comment...).
  • We almost lost a member fo the staff... dead by his foot... He wanted to suffer like a man and now he suffers every time a band aid tear his hair off....
  • The fireworks organized by la Grande-Motte to celebrate the 10 years of the Sea Sun and or intox...?
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Staffer’s blog #7

Thursday August 1st 2013
A huge success for the graffiti party !!
All the westies artists expressed their talents on white T-shirts, all competing for the most original graf.. or the most ridiculous one...
The pencils have left memories thru soft words... or not...!

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And the surprise came at last.... after the hip hop quatuor, all our instructors have organized a special group choregraphy for the 10 years of the Sea Sun and Swing... a taster of the show that’s waiting for you tonight !!

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So be all sharp for the Casino Royale party !
We are meeting at 10pm for even more surprises and the BIG show of this anniversary !

Gossip and Backstage staff
Special mention from the 23 to flat #40....
Did you sleep tight...? ...coming back at 3am, tired, with only one craving : sleep !!! but when you entered you must have apreciated the 100 glasses of water on the stairs... with no access to the bed, nor the kitchen, nor the bathroom....
to later discover that on top of that the light bulb of the bathroom had been stolen...
Good night !

Staffer’s blog #8

Friday August 2nd 2013

Here we are. This is THE party so awaited with the teacher’s show !
The Casino Royale’s Party !!!
Tonight, you’ll be on your suit and tie, in a somptuous ballroom to enjoy a wonderful show !
The teachers, one after an other, did share their energy and made us smile through their choregraphies full of fun. They impressed us with their outstanding lifts or madeus emotional with their poetry, just for a dance...
Teachers, we are so grateful to you !
And for the 10 anniversary of the Sea Sun, we had a wonderful cake.Thank you Paco for this wonderful surprise !
A gigantic tiered caked with macarons !
(OK. Just for thje record, it’s not because we had candy, pop corn, ice cream and now the macarons that the Sea Sun is about eating... It’s first and foremost about dancing !!!).
Last but not least a big thank you to Alex who dedicated a lot ofenergy in producing these two emotional movies about the Sea Sun Swing since 2004 !!!

Tonight, the smoking and dress will go back to the wardrobe : we’re switching to Legends and fairytales...!

Gossip and backstage’s staff

Where is Alex ?

It’s the end of the social dancing,4AM...but where is Alex ?
He’s back to the Palais des Congres to work on the videos.

Start of the day, 7AM... but where is Alex ?
He’s already backto the Palais to continue working on his videos..
(As we’re nice to you, we’ll bring you a breakfast as soon as we arrive : croissant with nutella...)

End of the workshops, 6 PM... but where is AleX ?
Well... Still at the Palais working on his videos.
(Sorry on this one, but as we’re struggling ourselves for diner tonight as we’re short in tim, you’ll be fasting tonight...).

...So the next question would be... Who is Alex ?...
...The zombie who doesn’t sleep, the skeleton who doesn’t sleep anymore...
...But be careful, sometimes he dresses up as a green teletuby !!!!

Staffer’s blog #9

Saturday August 3rd 2013

An other magic evening at the Pasino.
If you thought you could slip in the party smoothly, it was not without going thru the threatening blood starving vampire at the entrance. Thanks god, the two oriental dancers were here to grant you access into this enchanted world.

Princesses, elfs, pirates and little bunnies (yes there were white bunnies) did bring a touch of fantasy at this next-to-last party.
So enjoy these last moments as tomorrow will be the last party !!!!
But until then, more shows are awaiting with the competition finals and the Jack and Jill of the Champions !
So, enjoy and see you tomorrow !

Gossip and backstage staff

Where is the staff HQ during the day ? ...the kitchen !!!!
Because at this stage of the Sea Sun and Swing, we’re all tired, all sleep deprived,.. and we’re all starving !!!
But no soucy, despite of this, we’re still on top !
And here we go with the secret of the staff : the magic sandwiches !
- Sandwich #1 : ham, buter, cheese, sausage, mustard ! That’s some gourmet sandwich ! Guaranted proteines !!
- Sandwich #2 (because there is no more ham,unfortunately...) : mustard, ketchup, 2 sausages, cheese (an additional slice to make it up for the ham), veggies (as we’re homeless we only have left overs of our fridges...and this could count towards your 5 a day !! ^^).

Bon appétit !